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tDCS Technology Offers Many Benefits


Personal tDCS Device

Sharpened Focus and Attention

A number of studies have demonstrated the ability of these machines to improve focus and attention. Much in the same way caffeine works; tDCS can enhance the user’s ability to stay focused on a task which leads to higher productivity and overall better cognitive function. In fact, some studies have directly compared the effects of caffeine and tDCS on performance and suggested that tDCS may actually outperform caffeine. This improved performance is well highlighted in RadioLab’s podcast “-Volt Nirvana” found here:

Personal tDCS Device
Personal tDCS Device

Improved Memory

The ability of tDCS to improve elements of memory is another area of study which has been widely assessed. Studies have indicated that the application of a single session of tDCS can improve working memory as measured by cognitive tasks. Working memory is the phase of memory which lies between short term and long term memory and is critical for good cognitive function. Interestingly it is this memory which typically begins to decline with age and is the target for improvement in brain training games like Lumosity.

Personal tDCS Device
Personal tDCS Device

Greater Problem Solving

In addition to proving memory and focus, tDCS has been shown to improve aspects of problem solving. One study found that during a difficult cognitive task the defining feature of those who had solved the problem versus those who had not was whether or not they had received stimulation. Additional studies have mirrored this same conclusion. This potential for better problem solving has far reaching implications in the real world and everyday life.

Personal tDCS Device

Frequently Asked Questions

[fa icon="plus-square"] What is tDCS?
tDCS stands for Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation.  This technology involves placing electrodes externally on the scalp and running a low level current between them to temporarily modify the electrical properties of the underlying neurons. This modification allows for the targeted neural circuits to be temporarily more or less active which then dictates how the circuits rewire themselves. This synaptic plasticity is how the brain learns and adapts.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Is it safe? Are there side effects?
tDCS has been shown to be safe with minimal side effects.  A comprehensive scientific review written by Michael Nitsche and Walter Paulus (two big scientific names in the literature) examined over 122 studies and found that those methodilogical studies with the correct application of tDCS alone produced minimal side effects.  Patients experienced side effects ranging from zero side effects to at most slight feeling of prickling, itching, burning, tugging, or slight pressure.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How much current is typically used?
Most tDCS studies use 1-2 miliamps of current for standard 35 squared cm electrodes. Most home lighting and small appliances run on 15-20 amps which is about 10,000 times the amount of current being used for tDCS.  Additionally, studies have revealed that the amount of current required for the onset of neuronal damage in tDCS is 142 Amps per square meter which is about 200 times the standard 2mA for tDCS.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Does this really work?
Yes! Despite the somewhat "mad scientist" premise of the technology tDCS has been shown to be effective by both anatomical and behavioral measures.  Over 200 studies have been published on this technology which highlight its effectiveness to varying degrees. A quick search on Pubmed or the /r/tDCS page of reddit will bring you to published scientific journals.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Why has no one done this yet?
This technology has come back into the focus of the scientific literature within the last 10 years and the commercial market is lagging behind.  There are a few companies offering commercial devices but we feel that these devices are not up to standards that users expect.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Why Brainstorm?
As a company we're interested in building tDCS devices that WE would want.  That means that sub-par research and design is unacceptable by our standards.  We understand that you as a user are smart enough to  realize our capabilities as a group so we would encourage you to read up on our blog, ask questions, and message us for anything and everything.